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Various Mods

Microphone Sensitivity Modification

Link the two pins circled in the picture for a higher microphone sensitivity.

Off Hook Scan

Scan function is set up for Earthed Mic Hook operation as standard , as in most other Land Mobile Radio products. This means the scan will not start until the operator put the microphone into the mic hanger(ON HOOK). If end users required scanning while the microphone is in the OFF HOOK position, Authorised Icom Dealers may apply the following modification at the front panel to suit your customer needs: 1.Remove Front Panel by undoing screws on both sides 2.Locate a link marked "HANG" (See picture at right) 3.Make a soldering bridge to make a link. 4.Put the front panel back and check performance. Please note that "HANGER ACTION" in the programming software should be disabled if the above modification has been performed. Icom recommended that modification should be performed by Authorised Icom Dealers only.