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IC-F30GT series dealer mode

I would like to submit information in relation to the Icom F30GT and F40GT c ommercial handsets. To access dealer set mode on the Icom F40GT handset press the button that is marked as # hash on the numbered keypad and the programmable assign button P0 while powering on with the volume button.

The procedure would be.... press # and P0 both together and then power on with the volume dial. DEALER will show on display in uppercase letters. Next enter dealer passcode which is normally the typical Icom default setting of 159357 on the numbered keypad.After entering the six digits...

SETMODE will appear. Press the P0 or P1 button. The channel number will show with the bank number above the channel. Press P3 and channel number blinks. Use up and down buttons to scroll to the desired channel to be edited. Receive and transmit frequencies can be direct entered by using the numbered keypad. While entering the frequency on the numbered keypad a black cursor will be blinking. Transmit inhibit is enabled by pressing the P2 button. Have experimented with my software and noticed that dealer set mode must be enabled in the software. Have made an enquiry with a dealer regarding dealer set mode for the Icom 40GS and 30GS... as far as he knows dealer set mode cannot be activated for the model handsets that do not have the numbered keypads. Thanks for allowing me to prevail upon your time sir and hoping my info on dealer set mode procedure for the Icom F30GT series handsets has been beneficial.