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www.hackersrussia.ru - is best radio site, which contain much info about radiocommunication thematic. There are different softwares (RSS), service manuals, user manuals, mods, "tricks" and much more another info. Really, www.hackersrussia.ru - site #1 abouth this thematic in the world. "Russian site", as much visiteurs named www.hackersrussia.ru - is non commercial project. We don't sell, buy, trade, use the RSS software. Our purpose - to help the peoples, who's use two-way radios. From beginning, it was my small "homepage", where I put some softwares and manuals. At my splendid, much peoples from all the worls wrote me, they ask me about existing files and sent me new softwares, manuals, e.t.c. Step to step it was grown...Today it's more than 5 Ggb of information, more than 1000 visiteurs per day ! I'm glad to help you !

Now I need your help. Web-hosting of this site and crazy outgoing traffic (10 Ggb per day) spend a half of my wage :) therefore any financial help would be good. If you want to make a donation, you can send it to my E-GOLD account - 2519757. Any another help would be good

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