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Thank you for purchasing an Icom RS-746 REMOTE CONTROL SOFTWARE. Please read instruction manual and help file thoroughly. Be sure that the IC-746 CI-V baud rate is set to "AUTO" (default) in the set mode. SOFTWARE INSTALLATION 1) Boot up Windows. - Quit all applications when Windows is running. 2) Insert the backup disk 1 into the appropriate floppy drive. 3) Select "Run" from the [Start] menu. 4) Type the setup program name with full path name, then press the [Enter] key. (A:\SETUP [Enter]) 5) Follow the prompts. 6) Program group "Icom RS-746" appears in the [Programs] folder of the [Start] menu. 7) Eject the floppy disk from the drive. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS - IBM PC compatible computer - An RS-232C serial port - MicrosoftR WindowsR 95 - Intel i486DX4 processor or faster (PentiumR 100 MHz or faster recommended) - At least 16 MB RAM - At least 20 MB of free hard disk space - At least 640 x 480 pixel display (800 x 600 pixel display recommended) SOFTWARE UPDATE INFORMATION Software update information will be available at the Icom America home page: http://www.icomamerica.com/